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On Episode 30 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Pharmacist Podcast, we continue this two part series discussing the ins and out of refinancing your student loans. Specifically we discuss:

  • How to choose a reputable refinance company
  • Key features to look for when refinancing
  • Minimum requirements to refinance
  • Types of interest rates
  • Cash bonuses that are available for being a new customer

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  • Cindy

    Hi Tims! 2016 PharmD grad here. First, just want to say thank you guys for creating this super informative page/podcast. I just happened to accidentally stumble across your podcast last week on Spotify when I was searching for another financial one haha. Needless to say, awesome find and I’ve been listening to the available episodes religiously during my commute to and from work. The contents have been awesome thus far and very helpful, especially for a recent grad trying to navigate the student loan landscape. After listening to these two last episodes, refinancing my mom’s parent PLUS loan has been on my mind. You guys touched on this a little bit when it came to credit scores but I was wondering if I refinance her loan into my name, would that extra $31k of debt transferred to my name affect my credit score? I know that when I refinance and they pull a credit report it’ll probably lower it by a couple but I was just concerned that by adding on more debt under my name, my credit score would be affected. Thankful for any advice & keep up the great work!

  • Tim Church

    Hello Cindy! First off, we appreciate the feedback and glad you have enjoyed the podcast!

    If you do a rate check with your loan and personal info, your credit score should not be affected. However if you refinance it is possible your credit score would go down given your FICO score consists new credit and amount owed among a couple other items. To what extent is unknown and that is something you will have to weigh with the benefits of refinancing. If you want some more info on this you can check out

    • Cindy

      Thank you!!

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