3 BIG Announcements for the Your Financial Pharmacist Community

I’m coming off of a 5-day vacation with family and friends in Canada and have been itching all week to share 3 exciting announcements related to the Your Financial Pharmacist (YFP) Community!

After 5 days of no cell phone access, swimming across a lake every day, doing some rock jumping and trying to catch potatoes being launched from a potato gun (no joke; I almost broke my hand on one), I’m ready to get back at it! 

Pictures from the trip Canada (left to right):

  1. Getting ready for a short hike with Josh Workman, aka Best Dressed Dad.
  2. View looking out from the cabin on the lake (tough life, right?)
  3. My middle son (Everett) in shock and awe that he caught a small perch. Great memories.

Announcement #1 – The Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast Is (finally) Here!
It has been a long time in the making (8 months to be exact) and I’m excited to announce that Episodes 1-3 of the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast have been released in iTunes! 
Episode 001 is all about the genesis of the podcast and episodes 002 and 003 go through why every pharmacist should become a seven figure pharmacist. In Episode 003, Tim Baker, CFP® interviews me to determine how much of a nest egg I need to achieve my financial goals. After listening to this episode, you should be well on your way to determining your own nest egg.
Coming up over the next month, episodes will be released related to student loan debt, ideas for maximizing your income and two interviews featuring pharmacists that have achieved a net worth of more than $1 million (both after starting in more than six-figures in student loan debt). You won’t want to miss it!
Episodes will be approximately 25 minutes in length (perfect for a work commute!) and a new episode will be released weekly.

Caption: Tim Baker, CFP and I recording the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast.

Announcement #2 – Welcome Tim & Tim!

The YFP community is growing exponentially with Tim’s. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a joke about having to be a Tim to do something with personal finance related to pharmacists, I would be well on my way to early retirement (assuming a very generous rate of return and many years of compounding growth, of course).

I’m excited to announce that Tim Baker, CFP® and Tim Church, PharmD, BCACP, CDE will be joining me as regular contributors on yourfinancialpharmacist.com.

Tim Baker, CFP® is my co-host on the Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast. Beyond the podcast, you will be hearing and seeing a lot more from Tim Baker. He is a fee-only financial advisor and owner of Script Financial that has built a business centered on helping pharmacists meet their financial goals. As a fee-only advisor, he is doing the financial advising business the right way and has a lot to offer to the pharmacy community.

Tim Church, PharmD, BCACP, CDE is my co-author of Seven Figure Pharmacist. Tim is a clinical pharmacy specialist in primary care at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center. In addition to being one of the smartest guys I know and living the dream in Florida while I bear the winters of Ohio, Tim is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. He is super passionate about helping people with their finances and will be bringing great content to the community.

Announcement #3 – A New Web Site!
When I started yourfinancialpharmacist.com back in October 2015, I developed the site on my own. While it has served its’ purpose, my talents are certainly not in web site design and this has been an obvious hindrance to you being able to get the most value out of the site as possible.

The new web site is easier to navigate, makes it much easier for you to ask your financial questions, and features resources recommended by Tim Baker, CFP® and myself.

Head on over to yourfinancialpharmacist.com to check out the new site!

The Pharmacist’s Go-To Financial Resource

With the blog, podcast and new web site, I’m confident in saying that yourfinancialpharmacist.com is now the go-to resource for pharmacists and pharmacy students when it comes to all things personal finance.

Have ideas for how to make it even better? Shoot me an e-mail at info@yourfinancialpharmacist.com

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