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Welcome to the Your Financial Pharmacist (YFP) Resource Page! We have compiled some of our favorite and most useful resources that will help you advance your career and financial position

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Resources for Your Finances

Need some extra help getting your finances in order? Everyone’s financial needs and situations are different. It can be overwhelming not only trying to come up with a plan on your own but also with executing it. A financial planner can help take your finances to the next level and achieve your goals.

Our fee-only financial planning firm is run by Tim Baker, a Certified Financial Planner, who’s on the YFP team. Unlike many other financial planners out there who are only interested in managing your investments, Tim takes a comprehensive approach to focus on what’s most important for you. Besides comprehensive financial planning, we offer student loan consults and tax planning services.  Although Tim is located in Baltimore, he has clients all over the country that work together virtually.

You worked hard to become a pharmacist and earn a great six figure income. Unfortunately, this income does not guarantee you will be financially successful. Pharmacy schools do a great job of preparing you to be a competent and professional clinician but most do not provide education on personal finance.

Written by pharmacists for pharmacists, Seven Figure Pharmacist has all the major personal finance topics to help you succeed. It’s organized into six prescriptions that cover how to make good financial decisions, develop a plan, protect and grow your income, pay off student loans and other debt, get started with investing, and learn the habits of the wealthy.

It’s no secret that many pharmacists struggle with massive amounts of student loan debt. On top of that, high federal interest rates can make it difficult to get traction and make progress. If you are not pursuing a forgiveness program and don’t need to be in an income-driven plan, refinancing can be a great option to save you a ton of money in interest.

We have partnered with 5 refinance companies to help to help find you the best rate. You can check your rate in about 2 minutes and it doesn’t affect your credit score. Our refinance calculator will show you your savings over the term of the loan in addition to the changes in payments. As a YFP reader, you can get up to a $500 Cash Bonus if you refinance through our site.

Do you live in California, Portland, OR, South Florida, NYC, Greenwich, CT, Jackson Hole,  WY, or Boston, MA? If so you may be eligible for extremely low student loan refinancing rates that are not available to anyone else.

First Republic bank has a student loan refinancing program with fixed rates starting at 1.95%. That’s right 1.95%.  They even offer an opportunity to get back some of the interest if you pay the loan back within 4 years. Besides living within 20 miles of a physical location, they have some other unique requirements to meet. You can learn more about those and First Republic here.

You put in a lot of time, energy, and effort to be able to become a pharmacist and make a good income. That’s why it’s so important to protect it. Disability insurance is really income insurance. It provides you with money in the event that you become disabled and are unable to work. Life insurance is another key part of your financial plan if anyone is dependent on your income. Would your spouse, significant other, or children be able to survive if you were to pass?

You can get a free quote for life and disability insurance in about two minutes through PolicyGenius without putting in your personal information. They have a great interface and can save you a ton of time by shopping multiple companies and finding you the best price.

If you want to learn more about a specific personal finance topic and want a quick overview, check out one of our free guides or checklists. Here is a list of the guides we currently have:

  • Student Loan Quick Start Guide
  • The Pharmacist’s Guide to Disability Insurance
  • Student Loan Refinancing Guide
  • First Time Home Buying Guide
  • The Pharmacist’s Guide to Life Insurance
  • The Pharmacist’s Guide to $1 Million
  • Nuts and Bolts to Hiring a Financial Planner
  • 10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it’s your student loan, car loan, or mortgage, you can pay it off faster and save money in interest by making more than the minimum payment. Our early payoff calculator will determine your savings and how much faster you will pay off your loan by making extra monthly payments and/or a one-time lump sum payment.

Join over 1,900 pharmacists and students eager to help answer your questions, and provide support and encouragement. Plus the YFP team jumps in daily to provide additional help.

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If you really enjoy learning about personal finance, one of the best ways to do that is through audiobooks.

The best part is you can get your first month free if you’re new to audible.

YNAB, or You Need a Budget, is a powerful budgeting platform that’s based on the envelope method where you assign every dollar a job to spending categories each month. It allows you to sync your bank and other financial accounts and has a cool feature of setting up goals and paying off debt. You get to try for free for 34 days and then after that it’s $6.99 per month paid annually.

Beyond the budgeting features, YNAB also offers great support through free training videos, a forum, and podcast episodes.

Mint is another powerful budgeting platform that has similar features to YNAB allowing you to set up budget categories and see your progress throughout the month. It links your bank accounts but also investments, credit cards, and other debt. It also recognizes upcoming bills you have to prevent any late fees. Mint also allows you to see your credit score for free.

One of the best features of Mint is that is 100% free to use. There are no fees to use any part of the service. You will see advertisements throughout the platform but it is not overwhelming and does not compromise the overall functionality.

Most banks offer interest rates close to 0% for their savings accounts. However, a few out there are considered high yield savings accounts and Ally would be one of those. They are an online bank that offers a 2.00% APY on any balance in their savings account. There are no monthly maintenance fees and you can deposit checks directly to the account using their mobile deposit software. Another cool feature is that members get access to 24/7 chat services for support.

Resources for Your Career

APhA leads the profession and equips members for their role as the medication expert in team-based, patient-centered care and represents pharmacists across all practice settings. As a member, you enjoy an extraordinary access to a growing network of more than 60,000 members. You can also confidently excel in your career with unlimited access to a massive CPE library and innovative, patient-centered practice tools.

Besides these benefits, you get 30% off all YFP products and services including financial planning. If you’re not yet a member or want to extend your membership, you can get 20% off your APhA membership using the code “AYFP18

Many pharmacists got into pharmacy to help people, however, when they get their first job, it feels like they’ve just gone through a huge bait-and-switch. They’ve found that what they are passionate about is NOTHING like the job they have. And now, they feel like there’s no way out. If you can relate even a tiny bit to the situations above, the Career Jumpstart Masterclass can help.

We have personally checked out this webinar and it is jam-packed with tips and strategies to help you discover your passion and how to transition into a job you’re excited about.

Looking for a job change or want to bring in some extra income by providing clinical services? The Pharmpreneur Academy provides you with all the tools and knowledge to achieve success as an independent consultant by creating profitable clinical services and programs. You can get $50 off your first month by using code YFP50

When you enroll in the academy you get:

  • INSTANT access to 12 e-course Lessons
  • DAILY support from the author Dr. Blair Thielemier through the Academy Forums
  • WEEKLY access to Weekly Recap emails so you can stay focused on your goals
  • MONTHLY access to Community’s Live Mastermind Meetup conference calls

Pharmacists often don’t feel like they’re ready upon graduation. Along with helping you handle insurance issues, prevent misfills, deal with the workload, and take care of yourself and your license, this book helps pharmacists build great relationships with their patients and their teams.

Graduating from the University of Florida with his PharmD, Dr. Richard Waithe now has seven years of community pharmacy experience including Pharmacy Manager of a Target, CVS, and Publix Pharmacy. In his book, First Time Pharmacist, Dr. Waithe shares his best practices, keys to success, and biggest lessons he’s learned to better prepare you to be the community pharmacist you always hoped you’d be.

Student Resources

Unfortunately, a big percentage of students that apply for the match don’t actually get a residency position. Plus, the application process can get expensive, depending on how many programs you apply to and how much traveling is involved to interview.

Mastering the Match is your one-stop shop for all things pharmacy residency. It’s a step-by-step guide that walks you through every step of the process; from pre-midyear, to midyear, to post-midyear, to post-match.

You’ll learn how to make yourself an attractive candidate during your P1 – P3 years, how to win at Midyear, how to destroy your residency interviews, and everything in between.

Ok, you applied to residency programs and you locked down some interviews. Congratulations! Now’s it’s time to get prepared so you can stand out. While your accomplishments and other items on your CV are important, getting ranked by programs and eventually matching will greatly depend on the interviews and how you answer the questions.

Written by two practitioners who have extensive experience with the interview process, you’ll get the nuts and bolts of what it takes to become an exceptional candidate. In interviews, you can’t be ordinary, you must be memorable. This book will help you answer the most common questions asked in a way that both shows your value and helps you stand out.

Pharmacy schools do a great job of preparing you to be a competent and professional clinician but most do not provide education on personal finance. No matter what year in school you are, it’s never too early to get started learning about finances.

Written by pharmacists for pharmacists, Seven Figure Pharmacist has all the major personal finance topics to help you succeed. It’s organized into six prescriptions that cover how to make good financial decisions, develop a plan, protect and grow your income, pay off student loans and other debt, get started with investing, and learn the habits of the wealthy.

Pharmacy School is a struggle. It’s hard enough figuring out what to study for the 4 tests you have this week…

And it doesn’t come with instructions. It’s not like there’s a road map to forge your path…Until now. The Missing Manual tears down every gray area in pharmacy school. All the “hidden” lessons. The things where you say “Man! I wish I knew that before I started.”

And it teaches you how to master them one by one.

The Missing Manual comprehensively covers the stuff that no one else talks about. And it does so with humor (and step-by-step instructions).  It covers how to study, ace multiple choice exams, deal with people, win on rotations, make a great CV, and much more!

A comprehensive resource to help you do one thing. PASS THE NAPLEX! It’s filled with calculations, drug interactions simplified, non-sterile compounding, the top selling OTC drugs, and tons of case-based questions.