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  • After hearing you speak at the CPFI conference, I was blessed and felt equipped to tackle all of my student loans as a recent graduate!!”

    Attendee, CPFI Annual Meeting Myrtle Beach, SC, June 2016
  • I loved how transparent [Your Financial Pharmacist] was. The personal examples and how he overcame those issues and debt were very inspiring because that’s where I am now.

    Attendee, ACCP Emerge from the Crowd Phoenix, AZ, April 2016
  • I really enjoyed the pharmacist’s perspective on this topic! I am not very financially literate and actively avoid this topic. This made me really re-evaluate my spending and encouraged me to start actively doing better.

    Attendee, ACCP Emerge from the Crowd Phoenix, AZ, April 2016
  • The speaker was very knowledgeable on the topic and most importantly he was a pharmacist so he knew our situation really well, which makes the finance presentation more interesting.

    Attendee, ACCP Emerge from the Crowd Phoenix, AZ, April 2016
  • The program helped me to make better decisions with my money.

    Attendee, OPA Young Pharmacist Leaders Conference Columbus, OH, January 2016
  • This topic is incredibly overwhelming and today’s lectures helped make it easier to digest and less daunting.

    Attendee, ACCP Emerge from the Crowd Jacksonville, FL, April 2017

Request Your Financial Pharmacist

Tim Ulbrich, PharmD and Tim Baker, CFP are passionate about increasing financial awareness and empowering pharmacists and pharmacy students to take action towards achieving financial freedom.

They have done hundreds of speaking engagements on this very important topic. Whether in person, via video; a 1-hour session or an all-day workshop, Tim & Tim are interested in crafting a session that is unique to your institution’s needs.

YFP has something to offer for pharmacy students, residents, and pharmacists at large. Whether it be a college of pharmacy, state pharmacy organization or residency program, we are interested in working with you.

If you are interested in requesting Your Financial Pharmacist speak with your group or organization, please fill out the following form.

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