Tools that should be in your financial toolbox!

Below is a list of tools and resources, that we feel are vital for any pharmacist’s financial success!


Tim Ulbrich’s Top 5


As a follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestseller Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom, Tony Robbins does and incredible job in Unshakeable by helping the average investor understand the nuances and complexities of the financial services industry. Whether it will be saving you money in fees, helping you find the right financial advisor, or making sure you have a sold investment plan, this book will help you achieve financial success.


Using his childhood as a backdrop, Robert Kiyosaki uses Rich Dad Poor Dad to portray how his rich dad (in reality, his best friend’s dad) and his poor dad (his real dad) shaped his thinking about money. This book will transform the way you think about your money and encourage you to find ways to have your money work for you. While applicable for all investors of all ages, this book is especially good for those wanting to better understand the advantage of owning real estate and/or being self-employed.


In Tax-Free Wealth, Tom Wheelwright takes a very complicated and somewhat boring topic and makes it relevant and easy to understand. This book will help you learn about the common misperceptions related to taxes and how you can legally ensure you are keeping as much of your hard earned money as possible.


In The Millionaire Next Door, authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko use decades of research findings to describe the behaviors of those that have achieved a net worth of $1 million or more. There is no better way to achieve the status of a millionaire than to model the attitudes and behaviors of those that have achieved this somewhat rare milestone!


If you are looking for a book that will revolutionize the way you think about your money, this is the one for you! In The Total Money Makeover, #1 best selling author and podcast host Dave Ramsey outlines a seven-step plan to help transform your personal finances. This plan, which has been enacted with success by millions of Americans, is especially helpful for those that are trying to balance multiple financial priorities at once and/or find themselves in significant amounts of debt.

Tim Baker’s Top 5


Graham’s timeless work is the cornerstone of any investor’s education in the space. The famed Warren Buffet cites Graham’s work as the best he’s ever read about investing and I’m not one to argue.


The investing landscape has evolved much over the last 50 years. As such, Ellis outlines a myriad of reasons why investors should make indexing their primary investing strategy in this quick and easy read.


Emotions and how they govern our decisions play an important role in how we manage our money. Crosby outlines 10 rules of behavior self-management that creates a framework explaining the secret to investing.


Sorkin weaves a tale behind one of the biggest collapses of our financial system in our nation’s history. It’s a story about excess, ego, greed and overconfidence and the author affords the reader a compelling look behind the scenes.


Lewis’ examination of high frequency trading (HFT) reveals how the system is “rigged” and systemically places most investors at a great disadvantage.

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