Looking for a financial planner?

Having the right financial planner on your team can help you achieve your goals.  Unfortunately, not all planners or advisors have your best interest in mind.  

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YFP Recommends That Your Financial Planner is...

  • Fee-Only
  • RIA
  • CFP®

We recommend you hire a fee-only financial planner who gets paid for advice rather than investment or insurance products that are sold for a commission.

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is legally obligated to act in your best interest under the Fiduciary Standard. You want to be sure that your planner is just a RIA and not also a broker/dealer.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) is recognized as the most comprehensive designation with respect to financial planning. This is due to the extensive education and experience required to earn the credential.


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Learn the Benefits of a Financial Planner, How they are paid, and how to find one you can trust

Script Financial

Script Financial* is a fee-only financial planning firm focused on helping pharmacists and pharmacy students achieve financial freedom.


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Script serves clients across the country and accommodates meetings with clients and prospective clients via in-person meeting, phone, and video conference.

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* Tim Baker, CFP(R), principal of Script, is also a principal of Your Financial Pharmacist, which focuses on providing financial education to pharmacists and pharmacy students.  Script Financial is a registered investment adviser with the State of Maryland.

Ongoing Services

Student | Resident Package

$849 / year

  • Are you a student or resident and need some help with student loans and fundamental planning before that big paycheck? 


  • An annual engagement that includes three meetings covering all the important financial topics early in your career.

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Comprehensive Planning

Price based on income and net worth

  • Want help creating and sticking to a financial plan? Are you overwhelmed with competing financial priorities in your life? 


  • Our kitchen sink offering that provides ongoing coaching, accountability, education and plan implementation.

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Investment Management

0.85-1% AUM (click here for details)

  • Feeling good about your finances but need some help selecting and managing investments? Or maybe you want to take your investment game to the next level?


  • An ongoing service where Script Financial helps manage your investments based on your vision and goals.

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One-time Consults

Student Loan Analysis


  • Overwhelmed with your student loans? Looking for the best strategy to pay them off?


  • This consult will help you inventory your loans, determine the best payoff strategy and repayment plan based on your goals.

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Investment Analysis


  • Need some guidance with your current investments? Or do you want to develop a game plan to start investing?


  • This one time session will help review your current investment strategy or get you started with investing.

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